Our Dreams

So we dream and we look to the future

In 2020, the foundation of attention to children-FAN will be a social organization, with local, regional and national presence specialized in the development of effective and innovative programs and projects that promote the growth and formation of healthy, sociable children. smart and happy with families and protective environments, capable of helping in the construction of a country with equity and well-being in post-conflict perspective.


The Fan is 100% auditable, it has audits of state contracting.

Statutory Auditor: Diana Paulina Ortiz Pareja.
The foundation has an ISO 9001 Version 2008 Quality Management System, which establishes a dynamic and innovative structure for FAN.
System in network by processes, parameters for customer service and standardization of activities under planning, monitoring and internal evaluation, guidelines for comprehensive quality care in early childhood and permanent actions that enable a process of continuous improvement in all the services received by children and their families.

So we do the social task

In FAN we offer children and adolescents, pedagogical programs and projects, training, nutritional care and psychosocial support seeking to impact their development and improvement in their quality of life, to have a healthy, intelligent and happy population that contributes to the construction of a country with equity, development and peace in post-conflict prospective.

The Foundation for Child Care-FAN is committed to providing quality care to children, adolescents and their families through promotion, prevention and protection programs. We have the necessary resources and competent human talent to enable processes and interactions according to the reality of the users with actions of continuous improvement to satisfy the needs and requirements of the beneficiaries, contributors, cooperators, contractors and the communities to which we come with our services.


  • Strengthen the capacities and abilities of adolescent children and their families, through prevention, promotion and protection programs.
  • Manage the consequence of resources to enhance the sustainability of the programs and projects developed by the foundation.
  • Promote and develop the competence of the personnel that works in the foundation.
  • Satisfy the needs of the beneficiaries, contributors, cooperators and contractors of the foundation.

To provide holistic care, including education, nutrition and psychological support, for at-risk children living in the city of Medellin and the rest of the province of Antioquia, thus addressing the needs of marginalized communities located in the most the most deprived areas of the city.

These principles for FAN care practices are framed and supported by the following human values, which are accepted, adapted and adopted by the Foundation's work team:
The FAN foundation is a state of happiness that generates general well-being, high levels of energy and a powerful disposition to constructive action.
The FAN Foundation fulfills its obligations by always doing more than expected.
In the FAN foundation, this value leads us to manage, guide and value the actions day after day.
In the FAN foundation we value others we treat with kindness, it is an indispensable value in the attention with the children and their families.
 In the FAN foundation, it is applied in all areas of development and regulates the work of each one of the employees and managers.
Love to the work
It is the secret touch that turns your job and your work into your lifestyle.
It is taking care of resources, solving problems and smiling in the face of adversity.
It is a code tattooed in the reason and conducts our performances at every moment of the day.